Diana Patton

Motivational speaker, social justice advocate, author, attorney, consultant

When Diana's brother committed suicide, Diana was immediately angry with the school system. 

He had so many problems in school - why didn't an educator step in?

Where were the school counselors?

Why didn't anyone help him?

After years of asking these questions and ruminating over the circumstances of her brother's death and her own adverse childhood, Diana embarked upon years of research, interacting with and surveying educators and students. As a result, Diana has created the program her brother needed - the program every child needs. That program is RISE.

Everything in Diana's life has prepared her for this work

Diana intimately understands the importance of self-care and emotional intelligence, and she helps others rise to their circumstances, push past trauma, and exemplify resilience. Her mission in all that she does is to help people care for and connect with themselves so they can effectively care for and connect with others. And this is crucial for schools. In order to create a culture of caring, educators need to first care for and connect with themselves and each other so that they can effectively care for and connect with their students.

RISE understands that if we're going to take care of the WHOLE CHILD, then we need to take care of the WHOLE SCHOOL.

Diana held a General Counsel/VP/COO position at a Toledo-based non-profit and has served in several executive level positions at Fortune 500 companies. She is licensed to practice law in Ohio, has conducted corporate diversity trainings, and has taught various business courses at Owens Community College. Diana currently serves on the University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services Board, is the UT African American Initiatives Talented Aspiring Women Leaders community liaison, and is on the Toledo Public School District’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Diana also works with helping organizations, such as Solana, who serves the IDD community, as well as community health workers organizations, and with young women everywhere.


Diana also offers professional development trainings to organizations seeking to evaluate, examine, and/or modify their current practices to be more responsive to the vital clients they serve. In addition to trainings, Diana is a sought-after keynote speaker, offering talks on the topics of diversity and inclusion, self-care and introspection, unconscious bias, and emotional intelligence.

"Everything I do is about helping people push past trauma and adversities. I believe young people and adults can rise above their circumstances, accept challenges as they come, be resilient, thrive, and stay committed to living their very best life. We have a responsibility to empower our kids."

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