You Have a Brave and Bold Story to Tell

With all that is going on in our country, I believe the more we share our personal stories, the more our country will heal.

When we share our stories, it helps humanize us.

We become more vulnerable.

We listen.

We empathize with one another, and we create better communities.

However, the idea of sharing our stories frightens most of us. We wonder what people will think of us or, at times, sadly, we don't believe in the value of our own story.

Most of us have overcome unimaginable challenges. We’ve defeated the most egregious of circumstances, but the only person who knows that is you.

What if you shared that story of how you pushed past your deepest fear, doubt, and worry?

What if you shared about those sleepless nights? Or about those days you cried yourself to sleep? Or what about when you lost everything?

Yetyou got through and came out on the other side!

What if you shared how you climbed out of that deep, slimy pit that felt like quicksand every time you took a step? Yet, you got out!

The fact is, we become better mentors, parents, friends, bosses, and employers when we share what seemed like misery and defeat that, in time, turned into amazing stories of resilience, triumph, hope, and victory.

I know I felt that way. My internal mind chatter almost stopped me from finishing my book. I found myself struggling and even tearful at times at the thought of others knowing my story.

There were days when I felt confident, strong, and even excited about sharing my story. Then I would think about someone I knew who I’ve either hurt in the past or who has hurt me, and I’d find myself back in the fetal position of my mind, draped in fear. My internal dialogue went something like, “Who the heck do you think you are? Why do you think anyone will care about your story anyway?”

That’s only a small bit of my internal mind chatter. When I say the struggle was real, I mean it was so real that the stories I made up in my head seemed like reality.

But, in fact, they were all lies.

God and I had some serious conversations as I needed strength, courage and wisdom. I just knew that if I shared my story, the REAL story, the young people and women that I mentor and the organizations that I work with would gain hope and realize that there is LIFE beyond mistakes.

Undoubtedly, I needed help.

That's where writer, book coach, and editor Amanda Filippelli comes in. She helped me gain the courage and confidence I needed to push through. I also benefited from her amazing writing expertise in order to finish my book, Inspiration in My Shoes. Now, I am grateful that my greatest gift is taking my mess and making it my message of hope and possibilities. Now, I want others to experience the same sense of freedom through writing.

Thankfully, Amanda is coming to Toledo on Thursday, March 29th from 6-9pm to conduct her life changing "Write to Heal" workshop at The Oliver House. Here's the link for folks to learn more and to register. The workshop is designed for anyone interested in learning how to share their story, but it’s also for anyone who wants to learn how to use writing techniques to help them clear the internal chatter and reach their goals this year. You don’t need to write a book (unless you want to!) or even a short story, but you can still find healing and clarity through writing. It’s time to inspire yourself and others!

I hope that you will consider attending.


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