You Can't Buy Self-Worth

You look fabulous. Your skin is popping. Your eyebrows are on fleek. Your makeup is flawless. You got the right angles, the perfect photo, and just the right filter. Seriously, you look amazing. You got the look, that’s for sure, and others are noticing. I mean, did you see all of those likes on that one photo?

But does your flawless appearance match how you feel on the inside? What happens when you take all that away? How do you feel?

We are bombarded by the media, hypnotizing us with products and methods to help us live without blemishes and imperfections. Commercials and magazines display enhanced images that lure us in with perfect faces to make us believe these people have the best life. Our social media timelines are filled with glitz, glam, and allure. YouTubers show us what’s possible with their step-by-step solutions. We have computer apps readily available to change our image with a simple swipe.

Perception becomes the focus. People become consumed with how people perceive them.

It’s crazy, but we all want it.

Shoot, I want it. I want perfect skin, straight and white teeth, dimple-free thighs and butt, perfectly shaped eyebrows, cute shoes for every outfit I wear, the ability to purchase clothes to fit whatever mood I’m in, the perfect “wash-n-go” to have luscious natural curls without frizz, with little to no effort on my part. I could go on and on.

People and organizations selling their products and services know what you really want, and they are doing their very bust to lure you in using psychology. And we are buying it …and I mean all of it.

They know you want to feel better about yourself, to feel affirmed, to have self-confidence and self-worth, to have people like you, and to feel important. So, they put their products out there, encouraging you to buy. Is that a bad thing? You’ll certainly feel satisfaction if you buy in, at first.

But let’s be real. It’s temporary. You know this and have experienced this. Once the thrill is gone, you are back out there, getting the next fix, with the same emptiness, shame, guilt, feeling even more unworthy.

The truth is, you can’t buy self-worth! The answers are not in another product, shopping spree, or YouTube product tutorial.

The answer is YOU. You must begin cultivating what’s already inside of you by doing your own “step-by-step” tutorial.

Once you find your own sense of self-worth, confidence and joy, you can buy those products, if you so choose, without feeling awful and depleted in the process. As time goes on, perhaps you’ll be able to live with less products, and more of YOU!

You are just that beautiful and amazing. You just need to see it for yourself.

Here are three things you can begin to work on today:

First step: Cut down on the marketing voodoo hypnotism that has you in a sunken place of fake fantasies. Check out how much screen time you consume scrolling through social media. See if you can reduce it, week by week. If you have Apple, check out their Screen Time app. There are other apps out there to help.

Second step: Audit who you are following. Unfollow anyone who is only about promoting products and the false fake flawlessness that keeps you in the struggle. Whatever you focus on expands. Follow people that build your self-confidence, self-worth and joy, without having to pay a price for it.

Third step: Go a day without makeup. I know, that may rock your world, but take a cue from singer, songwriter Alicia Keys’ playbook. One day, she realized what a grip makeup had on her and she started to stand in her truth, without makeup. 

What happened next? Her confidence skyrocketed. Of course, her music has always inspired people to feel a sense of self-worth, but she felt the makeup was covering up her greatest asset, her authentic self. She’s not anti-makeup and occasionally wears it. Keys just doesn’t tie it to her self-worth any more. Since then, she’s inspired others to do the same. She just turned 38 this past January, and now, in less than a week, she’ll be center stage, hosting the 2019 Grammys for all to see what a superwoman she really is.

To be clear, I’m not saying you have to be makeup-free or live without products. That’s certainly a personal choice.

Just be wise. Understand that you can’t buy self-worth. You are already a superwoman and a girl on fire, you just need to own your truth.

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