Seven Things To Do Regardless of Whether Your Candidate Wins or Loses

Election Day is here. I’m sure you are rooting for your candidate to win


But, what if your candidate loses. Then what? How will you respond? What steps will you take to move forward in a positive direction? What’s your action plan? 

If your like most, your emotions are all over the place. According to the American Psychological Association’s latest survey, nearly 70% of adults said the election is a significant source of stress. That’s up 22% from the last election in 2016, likely because we are all dealing with the pandemic, racial unrest, and for some, job loss. 

So, let’s take some steps together to find a way to positively respond, move forward, and take action. 

  1. Shout, Shout, Let it All Out. If you started singing this old Tears for Fears song, you have a few years on you. But seriously, we are human. There are times when we need to get our feelings out and lament. But if your feelings include a desire to degrade or dehumanize another person, I hope you refrain from doing so. PLEASE, stay AWAY from social media (...until you've read all of these steps). Instead, shout it out in your home. Write down your frustrations in your journal. Call a good friend, or a group of friends. Talk it out. Share your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Do your best to conclude your conversation with some positive words, and remain accountable to one another to move forward in a positive light. Perhaps you and your friend(s) could pray together. 

  2. Pray. There’s power in prayer. Ask God to help you to accept the things you cannot change, and to have the wisdom to know the difference. Here’s an added bonus, pray for the candidate that you did not vote for. Stick with me here. The reason is because this candidate will be leading our country. We want peace from our adversaries, continued support from our allies, and we need HOPE to reside in the hearts and minds of people.  So, PLEASE, pray!

  3. Keep Up with Your Self-Care:  Make time to connect with yourself, every single day. Prayer is a part of that. Also make certain that you offer positive words of encouragement to yourself, by repeating daily affirmations, reading positive books, consciously breathing, and taking time to meditate. Be kind to your body by being certain to exercise, and to eat nourishing foods and drinks. 

  4. Be Humble in Victory and Gracious in Defeat.  If your candidate doesn’t win, be gracious. If your candidate wins, be humble. When you live with humility and gratitude, your life, and the lives of those around you improve. So, do your best to live this out.

  5. Be a Unifier in Polarizing Places. If you see a space where people are at odds, or even if you are the person who is drawing a wedge and creating the odds, I encourage you to step in and be that person who unifies others, and finds common ground. When you choose to be a unifier, you are choosing the side of justice as you are actively listening and working toward a place of fairness and unity. This will take courageous action and practice. Be a unifier. 

  6. Devise Your Advocacy Strategy with Like-Minded People. Look around you - literally! What do you see needs your attention? What have you been ignoring or believing that someone else should be responsible for? Perhaps it’s time you own it and step into making a change. Look around your job, your community, your city, at your church, synagogue or place of worship, and even in your family. We can all do something. Write it down. Then, let’s talk. This is where I can help you get focused on what next steps you could take. Start by joining a community of like-minded people who are about making positive change forward. It’s important to know that you are not alone, and to have others support and cheer for you, as you move forward with your advocacy efforts.  

  7. Turn On Your Porch Light. Be a light in a time when it seems like there is darkness all around you. To signify that you’ve chosen to be a LIGHT, turn on your porch light tonight, as a sign that you will choose to be a LIGHT, no matter what. 

We can be the change, but we must take action. It’s all about how we choose to show up. 

Choose to be a light. 

Choose to be a unifier. 

Choose to take care of yourself so that you can endure the challenges ahead, and RISE UP!

Choose to be a part of a movement of people who are all about making positive change forward, to continuously ADVOCATE for justice and freedom. 

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded professional women who all about pushing past their challenges to RISE UP, to be the advocate that they’ve been called to be, consider joining the Women Who Rise and Advocate PRIVATE Facebook group. 

We hope to see you on the inside of this amazing circle of women. 


A few of the above points are from a message I listened to this past weekend, by Joel Schmidgall, Executive Pastor of National Community Church, entitled  Hang A Street Light.

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