Live Your Life Like You’re In Your Last Days

How are you approaching things? 

Did you make a vision board? Did you write down some resolutions and some new affirmations in your journal? Did you read some books and set out on a new venture? Do you have an accountability partner or someone you can call upon to encourage you when times get tough? Or are you just winging it and heading right on into the new year like any other day, maintaining status quo? 

Whether you create a plan or some goals - or you just step right on in - I want to encourage you to be mindful of your life’s purpose, and that you are here, on Earth, alive and breathing, FOR A REASON.

We aren’t just here on this Earth to exist and watch the latest movies and shows on Netflix, and to see what’s trending on social media. While those offer a nice escape from time to time, we all have a job to do, a mission to fulfill, and a responsibility to realize and accept - a responsibility to refine the gifts that God gave us, and give them away in service to others.

To do this, you must possess the most critical element, and that is to have a sense of urgency mindset:

  • A mindset that takes risks and says no to fear.  

  • A mindset that lives outside your comfort zone and says no to mediocrity, distractions, and short-lived feel-good activities that simply stroke your ego.

  • A mindset that thinks big and is filled with resilience, transparency, and vulnerability.

  • A mindset that says I am, I will, and I will not put this off any longer. 

You need to live like it’s your last days.

Do you know of anyone who’s been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease? I have, and you know what, all the things that used to stop them before being diagnosed just go away. Fear of judgement, making mistakes, living up to other people’s standards, and shrinking down so that others don’t feel insecure around them just go away, as if to say, “All bets are off.” Watch Jimmy Valvano’s 1993 ESPY speech as a case in-point. 

Granted, not everyone feels this way. It’s always a choice that inspires not only themselves but those around them.  

When I say live like it’s your last days, it’s not meant to sound morbid. It’s meant to wake you up to your reality. The fact is that time waits for no one. If you don’t gain a sense of urgency, a sense of the present, you will allow time to dwindle away and you will not fulfill your destiny.

Make 2020 the year that you live with a NOW attitude, and you talk yourself into doing the things that frighten you. You do what is right, not what’s comfortable, and you do what you know you’ve been CALLED to do, surrendering to the results. 

Take a moment to think. What’s getting in the way of you not fulfilling your destiny? Is it fear or a false sense of security with time? 

Trust me, God will direct the universe to tip in your favor, but ONLY when you are ready. You must be ready and have a mindset to receive it. 

Let’s take a risk together and speed up the path toward living out our dreams - to be more authentic, genuine, and forgiving. Join me at my January 16, 2020 Helping Schools RISE event. Learn more and register by following this LINK. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Limited seats are available.  

Hope to see you there. 

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