Find Your Personal Calling at the Bottom of Your Heart

I connected with an old work friend recently.

While listening to him, I just sat and smiled. I could sense he was just learning how to feel joy, and he was on the verge of finding true fulfillment. He said, “you know, it’s weird, scary, and exciting all at the same time. I don’t know quite what to think of it. I just like what I’m feeling."

My friend and I worked together at a Toledo-based corporation, over sixteen years ago. During that time, I was pregnant with my daughter. Whenever I saw him, he was always so kind and accommodating. At first I thought he was just being super nice because I was pregnant. But then, I realized he’s just a genuinely nice, caring, hard-working individual, as I observed how he interacted with customers.

We both eventually left the organization about the same time, but stayed in touch through our yearly Christmas family photo exchange. We watched our kids grow up. And little did we know, we both found much success in our professional careers.

However, like me, my friend hit a crossroad. He found that he lacked fulfillment out of his life. The money and the status that he worked so hard to attain just didn’t cut it for him. He was depressed and seeking satisfaction from “false-fillers” that left him depleted, and with what most would say is a “rock-bottom” place.

So he sought help. After years of counseling and a lot of self-work, he heard about the things I was doing in the community via some friends and family, and that’s when we reconnected.

He shared how he started having these “ah-ha” moments recently, and how he found himself talking to people on his job in a new way. He was more open to listening to others and saying things like “hmm, I never thought about it like that before.” He began shifting from old habits and friends, and realizing how much his environment needed to change. It’s as if he was at the doorstep of a new awakening.

I shared a bit with him about my personal fulfillment journey. Like my friend, it’s as if I woke up - corporate status, fat salary and all - with no clear purpose, and a frazzled identity. I didn’t start having those “a-ha” moments or an “awakened” feeling until I came face-to-face with my personal story. I stopped long enough to see how my life’s mission was woven throughout my experiences. My personal calling was there the entire time. I wrote about that moment, and the months that followed, in my book, Inspiration in My Shoes. Now, my life is filled with enthusiasm as I continue to journey on my personal calling path.

By the time my friend and I finished chatting, we were talking about books, quotes, and places that we want to discover in our lifetime. I shared the books that I read when I started my fulfillment journey, such as The Alchemist and The Four Agreements. I also shared my most recent book treasure, The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah.

When I asked my friend, what makes him happy, he said "I love making other people happy." I almost teared up. I said, then go do that, be that, and live that. After all, that's what he did for me when we were working together.

As Oprah says in her Wisdom of Sunday’s book:

“Everybody has a calling. Your real job in life is to figure out why you are here and get about the business of doing it.”

What I know for sure is everyone wants to experience deep joy, contentment, peace, and fulfillment.  This only comes when we are willing to trust what lives at the bottom of our heart. God placed a special calling in each and everyone of us. That's where we'll find our personal calling. It's a discovery process. I'm so glad that I found it, and that my friend found it too.

Now, I hope that you will find it. It lives at the bottom of your heart.


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