Believe In Your Gifts

Have you ever given much thought as to why you were born in this particular time in history?

I have great news for you.

You were sent here by a higher power, during this time period, to deliver a gift that will solve a problem for this generation. And your gift is hidden deep inside of you.

Do you believe that?

I personally believe that God made you and sent you here to deliver a specific and unique gift. The closer we get to God, by developing a daily practice of getting in touch with that spirit, the faster we will tap into that gift.

Do you believe that?

Well, regardless of whether you believe that you were made by God or not, you should believe you were sent here by a higher power with a unique gift.

You were born with this gift, and you used to operate in your gifts in the form of play when you were little.

Unfortunately, over time, it’s likely you’ve been programmed to believe that your gifts are supposed to look like everyone else’s, or that your gift is supposed to fit into mainstream cultural acceptance, and, as a result, you’ve become ashamed of or scared of your gifts. You may have been criticized, put down for, or even vilified for what you are naturally good at. Or worse yet, perhaps you’ve had to deal with trauma or abuse growing up, so naturally, along your life’s journey, you’ve suppressed your gifts.

Let’s just be clear, your gifts are still in you. In fact, your future is already inside of you. You are equipped and have everything you need to live out the path that God has for you.

The only thing that has changed is the belief that you are gifted.

The purpose of this blog is to remind you of who you are and to provide tips on how you can begin to rediscover your gifts.

Let’s start here.

Repeat this: I am gifted.

Go ahead, say it. I am gifted.

Next, hear this: Your future is inside of you and will manifest based upon your habits and what you choose to believe and practice.

Repeat this: My future is inside of me and will manifest based upon my habits and what I choose to believe and practice.

Repeat those two statements often. Write them on an index card and put it on your bathroom mirror, or wherever you’ll be sure to see it daily.

You see, you have to convince yourself and train your unconscious mind to believe it. You have to convince your mind that you are worthy of your gifts. This will be a foreign process because your mind has been convinced and programmed otherwise. You may even reject this process.

That only comes by establishing daily habits. It starts with what you believe.

The sooner you rediscover your gifts and manifest them, the sooner your gifts will solve the problem(s) that this generation is experiencing.

You have the solution.

Over time, you’ll feel a sense of purpose, belonging, and satisfaction with life.

There are more steps you can take. This is merely the first of a series of blogs that I will be writing over the next few months to help you rediscover your gifts. I encourage you to keep reading, or you can pick up my latest book, This Yogi’s Journey, and read 50 daily prompts to help you begin to rediscover your gifts at your own pace.

Follow me on social media at #dpinspires, where I will provide simple, easy to implement tips as you journey to rediscover your gifts.

Be sure to read my next blog, where I’ll share another tip on how to rediscover your gifts.

Believe that you are gifted.

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