Inspiration in

My Shoes

Inspiration in My Shoes shares the monumental experience of a biracial young girl’s journey through abuse, racism, and heartache. It is a riveting read that proves no barrier is too high, no obstacle is too great, and that inspiration comes in many surprising forms. Diana’s story is exemplary of both the struggles young women face and how those struggles can be transformed into triumphs. With her mother’s encouragement, her faith in God, and a resilient spirit, Diana overcomes unthinkable tragedy before molding her experience into an opportunity to connect with others. Though Diana’s childhood was riddled with dysfunction, she’s decided to take her mess and make it her message.

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This Yogi's Journey

In This Yogi’s Journey, you’ll find 50 journal pages to help transform the way you think and renew your mind. The journal pages will help guide your body, mind, and soul to come to rest and be liberated by adopting a spiritual practice as your learn about Ashtanga yoga. It’s a process. Let this book by your personal life coach.